HotShotz are the highest quality heat packs of their kind period!

HotShotz heat packs are instant, portable, reusable and MADE IN THE USA!
We manufacture in Southern California.

Our product is made with a non-toxic food grade solution encased in medical grade vinyl. This medical grade vinyl is made specifically for our product. It is a non-allergenic, soft, breathable material that is very soothing to the skin. The medical grade vinyl is also extremely durable and difficult to puncture.

We make a superior activator button with a protective ring around it. You will have to press inside the ring to activate the button. This makes the heat pack nearly impossible to activate by accident. The ring also protects the button from being damaged or broken ensuring the life of the product after long term repeated use.

Our heat sealing process is second to none! The technology that we use to heat seal the packs ensures that they will never come apart at the seam.

When we private label the heat packs we reverse print on the inside of the pack so that your logo and contact info will never wear off.

As you can see we have put in the time and the resources to perfect this product. With proper use and storage your HotShotz heat packs will last a lifetime! Our goal is to provide a safe alternative for pain relief and an environmentally friendly reusable heat source.

Jesse Schexnayder
HotShotz CEO